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[Elvis] Enjoy with 20% cashback from Elvis!

Visa Program Name:

CISSEE Premium

Mercahnt Name:


Start Time:

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

End Time:

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Offer Content:

20% cashback to the Elvis account for Visa* Platinum, Visa* Signature, Visa* Infinite and Visa* Business Platinum cardholders, who make payments at least 35 GEL!

“Elvis" is a Georgia-based high-tech delivery service that solves the problems facing partner facilities and consumers.

“Elvis” stands out in the marketplace for its innovative, fast-paced approach, which translates into many important innovations in the courier industry. Our feature-rich platform includes all the capabilities for effective communication between the consumer, the courier and the partner company. Through this platform, the consumer can purchase food or retail products and receive a fast and interesting delivery service with a high degree of transparency and responsibility.

Transparency and responsibility is “Elvis” core principles. On the one hand the consumer has full access to the data of the partner facilities, on the other hand he or she is actively aware of any shortcomings and interesting compensation packages.

Based on local needs, our team is committed to continuous technological development, which makes “Elvis” a loyal Georgian partner for companies. Our goal is to create a flexible and fair competitive environment for partner facilities based on mutually beneficial cooperation. With “Elvis”, retail facilities have insight into user interests and behavior, and our unique app helps manage analytics and data.  In addition, we offer a customized marketing campaign for each partner facility.

And most importantly, our team is constantly open to interesting and innovative ideas!

Merchant Introduction:

The offer is valid for orders over 35 GEL



Payment Types:


Applicable Cards:

Visa Platinum.Visa Infinite.Visa Signature.Visa Platinum Business

Redemption Channels:

Online /Web/eCommerce

Coupon Category:


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