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[South Korea] A discount of up to KRW10,000 is offered by Hyundai Outlets, Mario Outlets and W MALL

Merchant Name:

Mario Outlet

Merchant Type:



Asia.South Korea

Applicable Cards:

NoneUnionPay cards issued outside South Korea (card number starting with 62)

Start Time:

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

End Time:

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Offer Content:

During this offer, 5% discount or
cash-back of up to KRW10,000 is offered on each purchase not less than KRW200,000
at Hyundai City Outlets, Camarillo Premium Outlets or W MALL. Each UnionPay
card can only enjoy the offers once per day at each participating merchant
during the activity.

*Participating stores: Dongdaemun
Store, Gasan Store, Gimpo Store and Songdo Store of Hyundai Outlets

Offer Rules:

1. Receipts only list the original purchase amount. The amount actually paid is subject to that actually deducted by the issuer.
2. How to learn about offers
1) Bind UnionPay card in the App “UnionPay” in advance
2) Pay using the payment method designated
3) View discount amount by entering “Card Management”, selecting the target UnionPay card and clicking “Order Details” in the App “UnionPay”Not applicable for viewing order details in overseas events of the UnionPay cards issued outside mainland China.
3. Cardholders can learn about order details by calling the customer service hotline on UnionPay International’s official website if they have any doubt about offers after payment.
4. The offers available in this event only apply to the purchases paid using UnionPay card at Hyundai City Outlets (Dongdaemun Store, Gasan Store, Gimpo Store and Songdo Store), W MALL and Camarillo Premium Outlets in South Korea, and may not be available at some restaurants, leased stores and other merchants.
5. Each UnionPay card can only enjoy the offers five times at each participating merchant. (Only five chances in total to enjoy the offers at 4 stores of Hyundai City Outlets)
6. The instant cash-back system is under maintenance during 22:58~23:05 (Beijing Time) every day, during which no bill paid may enjoy offers.
7. This offer is only applicable to the deals paid using UnionPay card through UnionPay network.
8. In the event of any refund or return, only the amount actually paid by cardholder, but no discount amount, will be refunded.
9. The commodities with gift vouchers or coupons are not included in this offer.
10. Seats are limited and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. No additional seats will be offered.
11. These T&Cs may be changed to the extent permitted by law.

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