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New Town Plaza x UnionPay Autumn Spending Reward

Merchant Name:

SHK Shatin New Town Plaza

Merchant Type:


Merchant Description:


Asia.Hong Kong SAR

Applicable Cards:

NoneAll UnionPay Cards (card number starting with 62)

Start Time:

Thursday, October 22, 2020

End Time:

Monday, November 30, 2020

Offer Content:

Spending rewards for UnionPay cardholders of New Town Plaza:

Reward 1: UnionPay cardholders can redeem a HK$100 designated beauty voucher and a HK$50 designated dining voucher upon spending over HK$3,500 at New Town Plaza

Reward 2: UnionPay cardholders can redeem a HK$200 designated beauty voucher and a HK$200 designated sportswear and kidswear voucher upon spending over HK$8,500 at New Town Plaza

Offer Rules:

1.) Promotion Period: 19th Oct 2020 to 30th Nov 2020 (both dates inclusive)
2.) The activity is only applicable to UnionPay credit and debit cards (i.e. ATM cards) (hereinafter referred to as “UnionPay cards”) with card numbers starting with 62. The transaction must be swiped or tapped through the UnionPay network, UnionPay mobile QuickPass or “雲閃付“ APP to check out to enjoy the relevant offers.
3.) If you use UnionPay mobile QuickPass for payment, when redeeming the vouchers, the cardholder must show the qualified UnionPay card that has been added to the mobile phone or watch, the original copy of the merchant’s machine-printed invoice and the original copy of the qualified transaction slip to the staff.
4.) UnionPay card (card number starting with 62) cardholders who spend upon HK$3,500 at New Town Plaza can redeem a HK$100 designated beauty voucher and a HK$50 designated dining voucher. UnionPay cardholders who spend upon HK$8,500 at New Town Plaza can redeem a HK$200 designated beauty voucher and a HK$200 designated  sportswear and kidswear voucher. The vouchers are only applicable to designated merchants in New Town Plaza. The number of vouchers is limited, first-come-first-served, while stocks last. For details, please check with the mall customer care center.
5.) UnionPay card (card number starting with 62) cardholders can only redeem reward 1 and reward 2 respectively once per day. Cardholders are not allowed to redeem the same reward with multiple UnionPay cards multiple times on the same day.
6.) Each voucher can be redeemed by at most 3 same-day machine-printed invoices from  different merchants on the same day and the matching UnionPay card payment stub to participate. Each set of invoices must have a spending amount of HK$100 or more, and the payment must be made with the same UnionPay card.
7.) During the redemption period, there are total 1,800 and 1,000 quotas for reward 1 and reward 2 respectively. Quota is first serve first come.
8.) Cardholders must visit the designated redemption place at New Town Plaza on the day and at the designated time when making the transaction, and present the original copy of the merchant’s machine-printed ticket for the eligible transaction, the original copy of the relevant UnionPay card transaction slip, and the payment slip UnionPay cards with the same UnionPay card number can only be redeemed for vouchers after verification by the staff. The cardholder must redeem it in person, and the staff has the right to request the cardholder to present identification documents for verification.
9.) Only original machine-printed merchant invoices and original sales slips issued to cardholders by merchants in New Town Plaza are accepted. The original merchant’s machine-printed invoice must clearly state the merchant’s name, transaction date, transaction amount and spending items, and the original transaction slip must clearly state the UnionPay card number, merchant name, transaction date, transaction amount, valid authorization number and The cardholder’s signature (if applicable), if the UnionPay card number, merchant name, transaction date, transaction amount and other information are not available at the time of redemption, the original valid merchant machine-printed invoice, the original cardholder’s transaction slip and/ Or a valid designated UnionPay card, or the information provided by the cardholder is incomplete. For any reason, the cardholder will not be able to redeem the gift/gift certificate. All sales slips and merchant machine-printed invoices that are damaged, expired, and fail to clearly show the transaction date, time, amount, currency, or any number in the card number are invalid.
10.) Redemption of vouchers accepts purchase receipts for designated festive food vouchers (only for moon cake vouchers (including ice cream moon cake vouchers), Chinese New Year cake vouchers, rice dumpling vouchers and sausage vouchers). However, the use of designated festive food vouchers and below are not accepted Consumption receipts issued by merchants or transactions: Apple merchants, fitness and beauty centers, transit bus stops, real estate agencies, parking lots, car washes and auto beauty, car products and services, purchase of parking cards, small vending cars, exhibition venues, temporary exhibitions Booth/Pop Up Store (the list of relevant merchants will be updated from time to time without notice, please contact the customer service officer of the mall for details), banking services, insurance plan premiums, tuition fees/membership fees/monthly fees, purchase or top-up Octopus , Any value-added services or payment, mail order, fax order, email order, telephone order, online shopping, any station fee, phone card fee, ticket sales service (such as shopping mall events, concert tickets), purchase of Hong Kong Noah’s Ark and Sky 100 tickets, use goods as a discount transaction, purchase or use gift certificates, cash coupons, SHKP mall coupons, SHKP mall e-coupons, gift cards, membership cards, point cards, discount cards, value-added cards, shoe coupons, soup coupons, drink coupons, Food stamps, cake cards and wedding gift vouchers (including but not limited to cake cards, wedding gift cards and wedding gift vouchers), purchase of gold nuggets, gold bars and contribution clubs, tickets paid in cash, handwritten / reprinted / Photocopy of consumption receipts and payment slips, refunds, unposted or unqualified transactions.
11.) Each eligible transaction slip can only be redeemed for rewards once and cannot be redeemed in other promotional activities ( including earning point from The Point by SHKP but except for permanent parking discounts in mall).
12.) The transaction amount is calculated based on the highest amount of the merchant’s machine-printed invoice or the matching electronic currency payment slip (except for discounts, use of cash coupons, any discount coupons or discount codes that cannot be used to calculate redemption Discount). The spending amounts of different main cards and supplementary cards held by the cardholder will be calculated separately.
13.) The invoices for installment payments are calculated based on the full amount of the merchant’s machine-printed invoice. The deposit payment and balance payment are calculated based on the amount of the corresponding merchant’s machine-printed invoice.
14.) No split spending is accepted. The receipts presented when redeeming the rewards must be made by different merchants.
15.) When redeeming the vouchers, the staff has the right to copy the cardholder’s original merchant’s machine-printed invoice and register the cardholder’s name and part of the UnionPay card number (the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits or the first 12/16 digits) UnionPay card number), merchant’s machine-printed invoice and the information on the transaction slip are for record purposes. The personal information collected is only for the purpose of this spending reward. The cardholder who provides the above information for registration means that the cardholder agrees to be collected and understands the purpose of the collected information. Relevant personal data will be destroyed after the end of the promotion period / redemption period.
16.) The original machine-printed invoices of all merchants used for redemption of vouchers will be stamped by the staff of the redemption booth after confirmation to show that the redemption has been successful. Cardholders cannot request the merchant to return the payment on the original machine-printed merchant invoice that has been stamped. Any spending balance that exceeds the spending requirement is not eligible for other offers.
17.) The voucher redemption location is at the Customer Service Center on the 4th floor of Phase 1, from 10 am to 10 pm daily.
18.) If the voucher is lost or damaged, it will not be re-issued. Once the voucher is sent, it cannot be cancelled, changed, transferred, returned, exchanged for cash, or redemption under any circumstances.
19.) The voucher has terms and conditions. For details, please refer to the relevant terms and conditions.
20.) The redeemer must complete the questionnaire before redeeming the voucher.
21.) If the cardholder redeems the voucher, it means that the cardholder accepts and agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions of the event.
22.) Employees of Sun Hung Kai Properties, New Town Plaza and merchants are not allowed to participate in the redemption of rewards for fairness.
23.) In case of any fraud, UnionPay International, Sun Hung Kai Properties and New Town Plaza will immediately cancel the cardholder’s redemption eligibility and reserve the right to pursue it. New Town Plaza reserves the right to disqualify the cardholder for redemption. The right to withdraw the vouchers.
24.) In case of inconsistency between the Chinese and the English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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