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【The Chinese Mainland】UnionPay offers at supermarkets and restaurants

Merchant Name:

Preferential Merchants in Mainland China

Merchant Type:


Merchant Description:


Asia.Chinese Mainland

Applicable Cards:

01UnionPay QR Code Users (download UnionPay APP or other apps supporting UnionPay QR code payment, register with real name and bind a physical UnionPay card issued in Mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau (card number starting with 62, excluding 622298, 621692, 621700, 620538)

Start Time:

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

End Time:

Friday, December 31, 2021

Offer Content:

Log onto UnionPay APP and search for “银联优惠日” to enter the campaign page and find nationwide as well as regional offers. Enjoy instant discount at participating merchants in Mainland China when you make UnionPay QR code payment with card starting with 62 (excluding 622298, 621692, 621700, 620538) during the promotion time.

The promotion time and participation methods may be different at different merchants. For detailed information, please refer to UnionPay APP or in-store communications. Offers are limited daily on a first come first served basis.

Links to the campaign page:
Offers Nationwide: https://coupon.unionpay.com/yinlianyouhuiri/nationWide
Offers in Guangdong: https://coupon.unionpay.com/yinlianyouhuiri/details/%E5%B9%BF%E4%B8%9C
Offers in Shenzhen: https://coupon.unionpay.com/yinlianyouhuiri/details/%E6%B7%B1%E5%9C%B3
Offers in other regions: https://coupon.unionpay.com/yinlianyouhuiri/region

Offer Rules:

1. A user that meets any of the following conditions will be regarded as “the same user”: he or she uses the same device, same registered mobile number, same mobile number registered at the bank, same physical bank card number, same ID card number or same APP account. The user shall use his or her own electronic device, APP account, bank card, and QR code only to participate in the promotion.
2. Split bills are not allowed. The user may make only one payment for one queuing at checkout. If the user misbehaves when queuing, the cashier has the right to stop the user from participating in the activity.
3. In case of any return, cancellation, etc. taking place concerning the deal that has used the offer, the user will be deemed to have abandoned the offer. The refund amount, which shall be deducted by the discount amount, will be returned to the original payment card of the user. The offer quota will be deemed to have been used.
4. For offer failure due to the reasons that the user device does not support offers, APP is not updated to the latest version, the card is reported loss, the card has been changed, etc., the offer will not be re-issued later.
5. For more users to enjoy the promotion, regarding any user who uses or is suspected of using ways in violation of the rules or illicit ways to obtain UnioPay’s offers with the tools they use, including but not limited to mobile number, bank card number, App accounts, etc., China UnionPay and merchants have the right to refuse to give him or her the offer, recover the issued offer, and prohibit the user from participating in any UnionPay’s promotion activities.
6. Only transactions transferred through UnionPay network are qualified for the offers. Pick-up coupons, stored value cards and other stored value goods and alcohol and tobacco goods are not included in the promotion.
7. All the time points specified in the promotion shall be subject to the backend system time of China UnioPay (Beijing time). In case of force majeure or change of situation, such as catastrophes, suspensions or adjustments required under the instructions of competent authorities, suspensions required due to system failures, violations and cheating behaviors in the promotion that harm consumer rights and interests, to the extent permitted by law, UnionPay reserves the right to adjust, suspend, and terminate the promotion, which takes effect upon announcement.
8. A user that participates in the promotion will be deemed to have understood and agreed to the promotion rules. Where a user finds that the released information of a participating stores inconsistent with the reality, the user may report that to UnionPay, who will proactively address the problem through coordination.
9. Due to the possible network delay, the available quotas on UnionPay APP coupons are only for reference.

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