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【Australia】Pay your tuition fee through the UnionPay app or chinapayments over AUD 6800 to enjoy AUD 68 instant

Merchant Name:

Flexewallet Education category

Merchant Type:




Applicable Cards:

NoneUnionPay card

Start Time:

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

End Time:

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Offer Content:

Pay your tuition fee through the section of Utilities on UnionPay app Australia page or https://www.chinapayments.com/bpay-unionpay by UnionPay cards over AUD 6800 to enjoy AUD 68 instant rebate.

Offer Rules:

1.The promotion period is 20 Jan till 31 Mar 2021 (UTC+10) (both dates inclusive).
2.UnionPay APP users registered with real names can receive AUD 68 instant rebate for a one-time payment of no less than AUD 6800 for tuition with UnionPay card through the utilities section on UnionPay app Australia page or https://www.chinapayments.com/bpay-unionpay. Each card or user can enjoy the offer only once per day during the promotional period;
3.All amounts are in AUD. The promotion is based on a first-come, first-served basis.
4.The definition of tuition transaction is subject to the MCC of payment system.
5.Meeting any of the following conditions will be regarded as “one user”: user who uses or possesses the same device, same user ID, same registered mobile phone number, same mobile phone number registered at the bank, same physical bank card number, or same ID card number. Virtual mobile phone numbers and virtual card numbers are not qualified for this promotion.
6.If any revocation, return, and reversal happens, the rebate amount will be deemed void. The user will only have their actual transaction amount returned, and the quota will be deemed used.
7.Account real-name certification: Bind your personal bank card and finish real-time certification via “Cards”-“Add Cards Now” or via “My Account”-“Identity”. If “My Account”-“Identity” shows “Certified”, the real-name certification is done.
8.Users participating in this promotion are not allowed to conduct any of the following violations (collectively and separately “violations”): a)False transactions;b)Participation for this promotion with illegal purposes or other purposes not in conformity with the rules and regulations;c)Participation via malicious use of multiple accounts (including but not limited to the same IP address/device/registered mobile phone number/mobile phone number registered at the bank/bank card (including the supplementary virtual card attached or affiliated to a principal card); and other participation or assistance in swindling resources from UnionPay (including but not limited to various coupons, red packets or other rewards));d)Participation via robotic software, spider software, crawler software, spamming software, or other automatic methods;e)Breach of good faith; or f)Other cheating behaviors.
9.For users who violate the above rules, terms or conditions, and conduct abuse behaviors using, without limitation, mobile phone numbers, UnionPay cards, UnionPay APP, etc., they will be denied to participate or will not be qualified to any future promotion. UnionPay International Australia branch reserves the right to recover discounts, rebate amounts, losses and damages.
10.The activity organizer and/or UnionPay will not be responsible for the user’s failure to participate in the promotion due to the incompatibility of its electronic device, technical problems or other system problems.
11.The time records of all activities of this promotion will accord with the time records of UnionPay’s background system.
12.To the extent permitted by law, UnionPay reserves the right to adjust, suspend, and terminate this promotion effective upon announcement.

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