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Biden’s USD 1.9 trillion injection plan for the U.S. economy to battle the impact of the pandemic will benefit the travel sector.

U.S. travel executives will watch with hope along with the rest of the world at noon Wednesday as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris assume the office of president and vice president of the United States. The official swearing in will mark the end of four long years of Donald Trump that left the travel industry frustrated and even baffled by stifling policies.

Biden’s USD1.9 trillion injection plan for the U.S. economy to battle the impact of the pandemic will provide assistance to businesses and consumers, providing a lift to gross domestic product that is certain to benefit the travel sector.

And Biden’s laser focus on curbing the pandemic (he will not follow through with Trump’s proposal to lift bans on travel from Europe, UK and Brazil) will ultimately set a renewed example for the world and set the stage for a return to travel.

At the dawn of 2021, travel executives see Biden as a return to those days, and real leadership. Much is still unknown, but here’s how things could change across the U.S. travel industry from a policy perspective.


The announcement that Biden’s first days in office will reverse Trump’s controversial travel restrictions has sent waves of optimism and hope across the sector. The Muslim ban will be the first to go, but the Biden-Harris administration also plans to order a mandate of mask-wearing on federal property and for interstate travel, and the country will see its first semblance of a proposed vaccine distribution plan.

In addition to the promise of jabs underway but also more jobs in tourism being restored, the Biden administration’s cabinet nominees make up a group of experienced voices with a better understanding of the tourism sector, and there’s potential for bipartisan support on new and improved tourism policies.

This push to commit to travel includes rebuilding America’s image abroad and driving international tourism to the U.S., which may come easier given Biden is no stranger to governments around the world.

But will international visitors return faster as a result?

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