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Possible arrangement to exempt those who have been fully vaccinated to have to undergo a NAT certificate when going to and from the mainland.

Macao’s Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng says that the Macao and Hong Kong governments are “exploring the possibility” of setting up a “travel bubble” arrangement between the two cities. 

Ho said that he had discussed the possible arrangement with his Hong Kong counterpart Carrie Lam at the Boao Forum for Asia conference in Hainan province. However, Ho was quick to add that Hong Kong first needed to have zero local Covid-19 cases for a period of at least 14 consecutive days before the two sides could discuss any further steps towards implementing the “travel bubble” arrangement. 

Meanwhile, Ho also said that the local government was aiming to set up an arrangement whereby people from the mainland or Macao, 14 days after having been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, would be able to travel between the two places without being required to present a nucleic acid test (NAT) certificate to prove that they are free from Covid-19 infection. However, he stressed that such an arrangement would require the central government’s green light.

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