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Perceived personal safety on a trip weighs more than travel choices being restricted.

A new online survey revealed travel expectations of travelers from the United States, Germany, and China in 2021. The survey’s findings reflect a positive mood.

Around 70 percent of those surveyed in Germany, the US, and China are thinking about private trips this year. Specifically, 37 percent of Germans, 42 percent of Americans, and 66 percent of Chinese are planning one or more trips.

Close to 25 percent of respondents in Germany and the US and over 35 percent in China also believe they will spend more money on traveling over the next 12 months than during the same period to date.

In China, there also appears to be significant pent-up demand for travel, where close to 50 percent of interviewees think they travel more on an ongoing basis once the coronavirus pandemic has passed, compared with 25 percent in the US and 17 percent in Germany.

The majority of people not planning to travel this year say this is due to the coronavirus pandemic.  It comes as no great surprise that the pandemic still heavily influences holiday planning.

However, it is worth noting that perceived personal safety on a trip weighs more than travel choices being restricted.

50 percent of Germans not planning to travel in 2021 say they feel uneasy about taking trips during the coronavirus pandemic. In the US, the corresponding figure is 34 percent, and in China even 56 percent. 

The majority of respondents in all countries plan to stay in hotels, although the figures vary significantly from country to country. In China, 86 percent of private travelers intend to stay in hotels, whereas in the US and Germany the proportion is much lower, at 56 and 42 percent respectively.

In contrast with private trips, the findings on business travel point to a downward trend. In Germany, only 27 percent, in the US 34 percent, and in China 51 percent of respondents are planning business trips in 2021.

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