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【New Zealand】Magic Lamp, NZ Healthcare, HY Health, Health Element Instant Discount Promotion

Merchant Name:

Health Element

Merchant Type:



Australia.New Zealand

Applicable Cards:

NoneUnionPay Card (card number starting with 62)

Start Time:

Friday, September 11, 2020

End Time:

Friday, January 01, 2021

Offer Content:

Spend NZD 100 in a single transaction
and get NZD 5 off, spend NZD 200 in a single transaction and get NZD 10 off

Offer Rules:

1. The terms and conditions of the promotion is
applicable to the merchant. Details can be consulted from customer service
2. UnionPay International is neither vendors nor service providers, thus
UnionPay International is not responsible for the products or services provided
by the merchant. Any obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services
and all auxiliary services should be borne by the merchant.
3. UnionPay International and the merchant reserve the right to cancel, revise,
suspend or terminate all or any parts of the promotion, or revise the terms and
conditions herein contained, at any time without prior notice or reason. In
case of any disputes, the decision of UnionPay International and the merchant
shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
4. Under influence of COVID19, merchant cooperation and offer may be influenced
without pre-notice. Detailed offer shall be subject to the announcement of the

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