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【Taiwan Region】Papago International Resort Enjoy accommodation discounts

Merchant Name:

Papago International Resort

Merchant Type:


Merchant Address:

Xinxing 107, Xinxing Village, Chishang Township, Taitung County


Asia.Taiwan SAR

Applicable Cards:

All UnionPay Cards (card number starting with 62),

End Time:

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Offer Content:

Book with your UnionPay Card and enjoy the following benefits:

102Presidential Villas Official Rates

Weekday Rate Peak Season Rate Weekend Rate

Villa-Earl 2 people $ 22,000 + 10% $ 7,800 $ 8,300 $ 9,800

Villa-Marquis 4 people $ 32,000 + 10% $ 11,800 $ 12,300 $ 13,800

Villa-Marquis 5 people $ 32,000 + 10% $ 12,800 $ 13,300 $ 14,800

Villa Marquis 6 people $ 32,000 + 10%

$ 13,800 $ 14,30 0 $ 15,800

● This offer is available only to UnionPay credit cardholders

● The above special offer includes:

* 1 night stay at the Papago International Resort.

Sunshine buffet breakfast once per person (number would depend on the room type).

* Free use of leisure and entertainment facilities.

* Free scheduled shuttle services from and to Chishang / Guanshan Railway Station

* Additional gift (choose 1): single vehicle voucher or Chishang Tianniu eco train.

(According to the actual number of paying guests)

Offer Rules:

* Description:

*This offer is restricted to UnionPay credit cards.

*The Earl Villa Room type can accommodate 2 people.

*The Marquis Villa type has 1F and 2F, with stairs outside; can accommodate 4 to 6 people and 5 to 6 people can stay on the second floor’s Japanese-style room with tatami.

*The resort reserves the right to house-type arrangements.

*The resort reserves the right to change the quotation without prior notice.

*The above-mentioned offer is subject to non-application during the Lunar New Year and summer holidays

*If there is any change in the definition of weekdays/high-season days/holidays, it will be subject to the on-site announcement of the resort.

【Matters Needing Attention】

*The above promotional rates are free of service charges.

*The above offer is subject to pre-booking in order to facilitate room arrangement.

*Related definition of children’s meal and drink at the resort:

Children of height between 115-150 cm (6~12 years old) are charged according to children’s meal prices. Above 150cm (12 years of age or older), they are charged as per adults’ prices.

* Children occupying a bed: NT$ 600 per person per night. (Including breakfast and amenities)

*Definition of Children:

Adolescent’s charging standard: Height of 150cm or more (above 12 years of age)

Child’s charging standard: Height between 115-150cm (6~12 years old)

Preschooler’s standard: Height below 115cm (below 6 years of age)

*Please let the service staff know the contract number or your company name at the time of booking so that they can make a quick reservation for you.

*The above offer is not to be used in conjunction with travel agency reservations and other resort promotions.

*Check-in time (C/I Time): After 15:00; Check-out time (C/O Time): 11:00 A.M.

* Unless informed of your arrival time, the resort may take the initiative to reserve rooms until 5 pm on that day, and after the timeout, the rooms will be automatically canceled.

*After reservation, please deposit 30% of the total amount in cash, bank wire transfer or credit card within 3 days from the date of booking. Failure to make the deposit will invalidate the reservation.

* The resort accepts all major credit cards.

* Cancellation clauses:

※ If you cancel your reservation 14 days before the check-in date (excluding), no fee will be charged.

※ If you cancel the reservation 10 to 13 days before the check-in date (excluding), 30% of the deposit will be charged as a handling fee.

※ If you cancel the reservation 7 to 9 days before the check-in date (excluding), 50% of the deposit will be charged as a handling fee.

※ If you cancel the reservation 4 to 6 days before the check-in date (excluding), 60% of the deposit will be charged as handling fee.

※ If you cancel the reservation 2 to 3 days before the check-in date (excluding), 70% of the deposit will be charged as handling fee.

※ If you cancel the reservation one day before the check-in date (excluding), 80% of the deposit will be charged as a handling fee.

※ If you cancel or fail to notify the reservation but do not check in on the day of check-in, you will be treated as having checked-in (except in case of force majeure factors such as typhoons), and the full promotional price (price) will be charged and cannot be extended.




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