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【Taiwan Region】Jin He Li Steel Knife Special offers for UnionPay Cardholders

Merchant Name:

Jin He Li Steel Knife

Merchant Type:


Merchant Description:

The name can be imitated, but the quality is second to none. “Jin He Li Steel Knife” has been inherited for 3 generations. After 60 years, we still adhere to the ancestral blacksmith forging skills to infuse the modern spirit into the traditional technology. Each insistence represents the commitment of the successors, and the innovations at each stage are the ingredients of perfection. “Jin He Li” is quality guarantee for Kinmen steel knife. The original label of “Jin He Li” inherited throughout the generations is unmistakably branded onto each of our Kinmen steel knife products.


Asia.Taiwan SAR

Applicable Cards:

All UnionPay Cards (card number starting with 62),

End Time:

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Offer Content:

Pay with UnionPay card and spend

NT$3,200 or more to receive 1 skin-peeler knife for free

Offer Rules:

* This offer is valid for UnionPay card . Prior notice of using card offers to sales staff required.

* This special offer shall not be used together with other special offers, or redeemed for cash, or refundable.

* Terms and conditions apply. Check with store/shop for details of the event and matters not mentioned herein.

* UnionPay and contracted merchants reserve the right to interpret and make changes to this special offer.

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