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【Global】Online merchants instant discount promotion

Merchant Name:


Merchant Type:




Applicable Cards:

NoneOnly UnionPay cards that are not issued in China Mainland (card number starting with 62)

End Time:

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Offer Content:

Online shopping, playing games, studying and researching, UnionPay on your way. From now on to June 30, 2020, you can participate in the instant reduction promotion after you register on this application page. https://marketing.unionpayintl.com/gmpregister/enrollpre.do?cid=4985820313

If UnionPay card (not issued in China Mainland and card number starts with 62) is used to pay for the orders at the designated merchants, then you can enjoy the discount automatically.

During the promotional period, each UnionPay card can enjoy the offer for 5 times. Participation in the promotion is limited by day, and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis in the order in which actual transactions are made, ending at such time as the maximum allocation has been reached.

Participated merchants and discount

(1)Retail-Apple Amazon Over $250 get max $50 off

Amazon www.amazon.com

Apple www.apple.com

(2) Retail-iHerb JOYBUY Over $60 get $8 off

iHerb www.iherb.com

JOYBUY www.joybuy.com

(3) Retail-exclude Apple Amazon iHerb JOYBUY Over $200 get $20 off

Farfetch www.farfetch.com

Stockx stockx.com

ShopBop www.shopbop.com

Bluenile www.bluenile.com

LookFantastic us.lookfantastic.com

Ashford ashford.com

GNC www.gnc.com

Tory Burch www.toryburch.com

VitaCost www.vitacost.com

B&H https://www.bhphotovideo.com/

BestBuy www.bestbuy.com

Hermes www.hermes.com

Saks off www.saksoff5th.com

Brooks Brothers www.brooksbrothers.com

Yamibuy www.yamibuy.com

Nordstrom shop.nordstrom.com

Burberry www.burberry.com

Victoria’s secret www.victoriassecret.com

Ferragamo www.ferragamo.com

Shiseido www.shiseido.com

Harrods www.harrods.com

(4) Games Over $45 get max $6 off

G2A.com www.g2a.com

Steam/Valve http://store.steampowered.com/

Wargaming https://wargaming.com/en/

MyCard www.mycard520.com.tw

Nintendo https://www.nintendo.com/

Origin.com www.origin.com

Playstation www.playstation.com

amiami www.amiami.jp

SideshowToys https://www.sideshow.com/

GreenmanGaming www.greenmangaming.com

OffGamers www.offgamers.com/

GOG https://www.gog.com/

iCatch https://www.icatch-online.com

(5) Study and research Over $150 get $20 off

CFA institute www.cfainstitute.org

ACCA www.accaglobal.com

ETS – TOEFL www.ets.org

ETS – GRE www.ets.org

Offer Rules:

1. Only UnionPay cards that are not issued in China Mainland and whose card number starting with 62 can enjoy the discount.

2. The original transaction amount is the amount shown on the purchase order on the merchant’s website. The actual payment amount may differ depending on fees deducted by the card issuer. The information provided by the card issuer is final. If the original transaction currency is not US dollars, the threshold of the original transaction amount and the reduction of the discount amount of this promotion shall be applied in U.S. dollars (based on UnionPay exchange rate).

3. For queries regarding the application of discounts upon completion of the transaction, the cardholder may telephone the customer service hotline number on the official UnionPay International website.

4. This promotion is only applicable to online transactions with designated merchants.

5. In case of refunds or returns, only the actual amount paid by the cardholder is refunded. It does not include the amount discounted in the Flash Sale.

6. During the promotional period, each UnionPay card can only enjoy the discount 5 times. The data is only estimation and shall be subject to the actual situation. Participation in the promotion is limited by day, and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis in the order in which actual transactions are made, ending at such time as the maximum allocation has been reached.

                    Discount amount(USD) Win Probability Daily quota Promotion Duration(day)

 Retail-Apple Amazon          50                    1%                           6                  108

 Retail-Apple Amazon          10                    8%                           42                108

Retail-Apple Amazon            2                    90%                         470               108

Retail-exclude Apple Amazon 20               100%                       30                  108

iHerb JOYBUY    

Retail-iHerb JOYBUY             8                     100%                      1500              108

Games                                   6                       3%                         28                 108

Games                                   5                      20%                        184                108

Games                                  3                       76%                      700                  108

Study and research             20                      100%                      8                    108

7. For all other terms and conditions, the information on the official UnionPay International website is final.

8. Please click the link below to download the UnionPay International app or follow us on WeChat to receive exclusive access to real-time flash sales with your UnionPay card.


Registration Notes:

1. Advance registration is required for specified Real-Time Flash Sale promotions. The information provided via officially designated UnionPay International channels is final.

2. In Flash Sale promotions for which registration is required, the information provided on the registration form is final. In case of errors, all special offers will be null and void.

3. Registration for a single promotion is limited to once per person per UnionPay card across all registration channels (including, but not limited to, the official UnionPay International website, data traffic companies and banks).

4. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis in the order in which actual transactions are made, ending at such time as the maximum allocation has been reached.

5. Following successful registration, approximately one minute is required for the registration to come into effect, after which time the cardholder may participate in the promotion.

6. When the cardholder’s participation in the promotion begins, UnionPay International will send a text message to the cellphone number supplied by the cardholder at registration, providing details of discounts. This includes, but is not limited to, the actual payment amounts and discounted amounts calculated in the local currency.

Privacy Clause

This Privacy Policy explains the reasons why we collect your personal data and how we use it.

1. The cardholder consents to providing UnionPay International with registration data, including their bank card number and cellphone number, for the purpose of participating in Real-Time Flash Sale promotions, and consents to UnionPay International sending confirmatory text messages to the cellphone number supplied by the cardholder with notification of flash sale discounts. The cardholder shall be responsible for ensuring the completeness, authenticity and accuracy of the registration details. In the event that information provided is inaccurate, the cardholder will be barred from participation in the Real-Time Flash Sale promotion.

2. Registration-related data collected by UnionPay International is used solely to provide the cardholder with services for the Real-Time Flash Sale promotion (including, but not limited to, verification code confirmation during registration, and flash sale discount notifications). It will not be used for any other purposes nor divulged to third parties without the prior consent of the cardholder, except where specially required by applicable laws or regulatory authorities.

3. As required by applicable laws, UnionPay International will store the cardholder’s registration data solely for the purposes of the Real-Time Flash Sales promotion, and for the term stipulated by applicable laws and regulations and regulatory authorities.

4. The cardholder is aware and agrees that UnionPay International may be required to provide the cardholder’s data to third-party institutions such as affiliate companies or service providers, solely in order to provide the cardholder with services for the Real-Time Flash Sale promotion.

5. The data provided by the cardholder will be retained within China (for the purposes of this promotion, this does not include Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan). Such data retention and transfer complies with applicable laws and regulations, and UnionPay International will undertake strict technical measures complying with laws and regulations in order to ensure the security of retained or transferred data.

6. UnionPay International will, in accordance with applicable laws, undertake necessary and adequate technical measures to guarantee the security of the cardholder’s registration data.

7. This Privacy Policy only applies to Real-Time Flash Sale promotions. UnionPay International reserves the right to amend this Privacy Clause. Where amendments are made, an announcement will be posted on the registration website. Participation by the cardholder in a Real-Time Flash Sale promotion after the Privacy Policy comes into effect implies that the cardholder has read in full and accepts the amended Privacy Policy, and shall be bound by its provisions.

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